Organelle View

Organelle View is a visual extension of the OrganelleDB, a protein localization database (DB) hosted by the Kumar Lab at the University of Michigan. Organelle View is a visually engaging way for high school and undergraduate students to learn about genetics or for visually-inclined researchers to explore Organelle DB. By revealing the data through a colorful, dimensional model, we believe that different kinds of information will come to light.
“Organelle View”

Organelle View was the invention of four very different people: Anuj Kumar, Gabriel Harp, Jamie Cope, and Chris Landau. Anuj Kumar is an Assistant Professor of Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology at the University of Michigan.  His lab is responsible for compiling the Organelle DB. Gabriel Harp is a biologist and artist, who is studying the cultural interpretation of biology and genetics. Gabriel wrote the initial grant and formed the team for Organelle View. Jamie Cope is a programmer and information designer, whose work is primarily connected to interactive and dimensional media. Chris Landau is an artist and designer who works in a wide variety of  visual and interactive mediums.

The original work of designing Organelle View began in the “grocs” lab at the University of Michigan (grant opportunities [collaborative spaces]) grocs is a unique opportunity for Michigan students to work in interdisciplinary teams to experiment with rich media. The teams are required to write proposals that explain the technological and cultural relevance of their idea. Once chosen, they receive funding, equipment, and a space to complete the work. Organelle View was a grocs project in the Winter semester of 2005.

The current version of Organelle View (2.0) was completed independent from grocs by Jamie Cope and Chris Landau. They continue to follow the direction of Anuj Kumar and collaborate with Gabriel Harp on the educational future of Organelle View.

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