Scenario Construction for Complex Systems: A Climate-Health Case Study


 A couple of years ago I was challenged to think about methods for understanding the long-term implications of climate-health interactions. I was asked by a colleague to sort out some methods that would help public health planners understand the complexity Read more ›

Envirocasting: Adapting Global Weather Information for Local Risk Assessment


It’s not often that unfunded proposals make their way into disinfecting daylight. Sometimes you try again, and sometimes you just let them waste away among the dusty electrons of your hard drive. I don’t know which category this one falls Read more ›

3.5 billion mobile sensors: opportunities for public health research


This is an interesting report I came across from a UN-Vodaphone partnership designed to provide “research and recommendations on how to use technology and telecom tools to effectively address some of the world’s toughest challenges” (found via THDblog) The story Read more ›