Envirocasting: Adapting Global Weather Information for Local Risk Assessment


It’s not often that unfunded proposals make their way into disinfecting daylight. Sometimes you try again, and sometimes you just let them waste away among the dusty electrons of your hard drive. I don’t know which category this one falls Read more ›

Public Engagement, Art, and Narration of Science & Technology Development

This was a post that I initially wrote for the ‘Telling Stories’ discussion group that is made up of recipients of the Wellcome Trust’s International Engagement Award.  The group practices public engagement with public health and science from a variety Read more ›

Watercasting Day 2

The first day was organized to enumerate problems and the criteria by which to evaluate responses to those problems. The second day focused on our responses as ‘designers’ and the methods that we could use to find tactical responses to Read more ›

Watercasting Day 1

We started by looking at the neologism ‘watercasting’, coined for the purposing of re-imagining what it is that we would be doing in the class.  Casting for the purpose of making a mold, a cast that one would find in Read more ›

new (offsite) appointment at UCLA Art | Sci Center!!


So here is something neat: I was recently appointed a Senior Researcher at the UCLA Art |Sci Center. I’m currently working on a community website for the Leonardo Education Forum, and organization focused on promoting the intersections of art, science Read more ›