Lab Pad is an iPad case that’s inexpensive, lightweight, frugal, stealthy, easily sourced, and adaptable––it’s technopropriate. You can purchase one on Etsy here if you like: I launched this project on Kickstarter in November, 2012. While I was hoping it would Read more ›

Scenario Construction for Complex Systems: A Climate-Health Case Study


 A couple of years ago I was challenged to think about methods for understanding the long-term implications of climate-health interactions. I was asked by a colleague to sort out some methods that would help public health planners understand the complexity Read more ›

Crowdsourcing Teaching and Learning Services: OpenIDEO in beta as a case study


OpenIDEO recently launched with a few beta projects aimed to promote social entrepreneurship – first for helping kids make healthy food choices and then for affordable teaching and learning services (in India).  The OpenIDEO web platform is a good use Read more ›