Organizational Design I


Design is a sticky practice.  It is looped with contradictions, uncertainties, and material constraints.  Bringing something new into the world, be it an artifact or service raises challenges that few individuals can surmount – if at all.  Despite the dominant Read more ›

Adaptation>Robustness or Plasticity>Resilience?


Disaggregation among natural and social scientific communities can lead to misunderstandings about the different components of disaster management and  socio-ecological systems.  Terms like resilient, adaptive, robust are often used to describe systems and their processes and come up in the Read more ›

Where you at?


This self-scoring test is to determine a basic environmental perception of place. It was given to me while taking “Deep Ecology for the 22nd Century” with Bill Devall at Humboldt State University. It was adapted by Bill from a version Read more ›