Organelle View 3.0

Organelle View was the invention of four very different people: Anuj Kumar, Gabriel Harp, Jamie Cope, and Chris Landau. Anuj Kumar is an Assistant Professor of Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology at the University of Michigan. His lab is responsible for compiling the Organelle DB. Anuj is well known in his field for a multi-tiered approach to functional genomics in yeast, including large-scale studies of protein function and localization.

The latest version of Organelle View was implemented by Chris Landau and Jamie Cope of N Formation Design.

The interactive database is here:

3 thoughts on “Organelle View 3.0

  1. chrislandau on

    It’s actually 2.0. Anyways, I wasn’t aware that we were publicizing this yet.

  2. gharp on

    I wouldn’t call posting it to my blog publicizing. Besides, I need somewhere to link from with description that’s easy to archive for conultation with people.

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